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Precision plant design

Our team of engineers and technicians is able to carry out all of the steps needed to design plants based on a concrete needs analysis and our client’s requirements. This means that you can expect optimal preparation before your project is implemented.


Analysis – top-notch engineering services

Needs analyses are often required so that we can reliably estimate for our client the cost of designing and constructing a plant, as well as the profit that they can expect once the project is completed. There are many reasons why a needs analysis is conducted.

A cost estimate can serve as a basis for your decision-making. Therefore, before an investment is made in a new plant or in expanding or modernizing an existing plant, our plant designers first take comprehensive stock of the situation.

  • Does it make sense to expand or enhance the plant?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • How suitable is the site for a new-build in terms of transport links, available resources, etc.?

Planning – precision produces optimal results

Every plant design includes a needs analysis that focuses on the requirements of our clients. On the basis of this, our engineers and technicians in our engineering department carry out comprehensive planning in order to optimally prepare your project for implementation.


This phase of our engineering services include:

Fine-tuning the design details

In the design phase, all of the details are discussed and coordinated up front so that every screw winds up where it belongs during assembly.

Our own production facilities guarantee practical experience

The fact that we not only carry out planning activities at our site in Schkopau, but also do our own manufacturing puts us at an advantage. Our own design department and our own production and manufacturing facilities mean that our clients benefit from our ability to manufacture many components ourselves – all “Made in Germany”. AML not only provides theoretical calculations, but also offers many years of know-how, which the engineering team puts to the test time and again.

Our team of engineers follows the client’s precise specifications when designing the plant, but also provides competent advice if there is any potential for optimization. Our plant designers and plant engineers carefully coordinate the individual steps with all parties – whether it concerns the design, the manufacture and assembly of the individual components, the process sequences in the plant, or the implementation of the subsequent control of the manufacturing processes. This creates transparency and trust.

Implementation – using our know-how in plant construction to cross the finishing line

During the implementation phase, we feel it is particularly important that our engineering team continues to lend its support to your project. Any questions that may arise can thus be clarified on the spot.

Once the construction phase is complete, our team can create comprehensive as-built documentation. This additional documentation will optimally prepare you for any future conversion or expansion project.

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