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More efficient plants for a better future

We will continue to have to contend with rising energy costs in the future. At AML, designing industrial plants and filter systems for dedusting technology as efficiently as possible is our way of contributing to a better future.

Dust filters for a higher efficiency

Our engineering is focused on developing extraction and filtration systems for controlling industrial air pollution that do more than just meet current emission and environmental protection requirements. Due to their compact design and first-class workmanship, our dedusting filters already save energy during the process and can thus increase a plant’s economic efficiency. Years of experience with a wide variety of bulk materials and a range of plants enable us to set new standards and achieve optimization in this regard time and again.

Improvement in the use of available resources

Energy efficiency is not only important in terms of protecting the environment, it often significantly improves the utilization of available resources. Efficient components and processes therefore have an effect in all areas of a plant. Efficient control systems, simpler processes, shorter distances and better use of existing resources are opportunities to make significant cost savings to our customers’ projects, often by simple means.