Technology Moves with the Times

Now more than ever, machinery and equipment need to stay updated, to move with the times, otherwise they fall behind, or said in another way, they are gone with the times. Even plants require periodic modernisation and renewal. This can affect individual components that need an overhaul, but also processes and procedures that in view of changing conditions, are no longer capable of achieving the best economic result.


In this case, it is usually not the construction of a new plant, but a modernisation that is necessary. The modernisation submits all parts and processes to the test and determines the plant potential and requirements. Our engineers and technicians takeover this tasks in order to give you the best advice.


Higher efficiency through new filter technology

Subsequently, recommendations are given to adapt the plant to modern requirements that can also increase the profitability of the business. This forms part, to a large extend, of the optimization of processes and replacement of structural components, when the new components promise higher efficiency or comply with regulatory frameworks, e.g. adjustments required for environmental protection. Thus, for example, new filtering technology or dedusting technology can increase the efficiency of a plant significantly while acting in accordance with environmental standards.


We will gladly advise you concerning the modernisation of facilities in the areas of bulk materials, dry mortar plants, dust removal, weighing and dosing equipment, conveying and materials handling. Just contact us!