More Efficient Systems for a Better Future

The problem of the rising energy costs will unfortunately not disappear into thin air. That is why, for a long time now, we develop our products and plants to perform with high efficiency.

Dedusting filters for higher efficiency

Our dust extraction filters are developed, not only to conform to the most recent requirements for emission and environmental protection but, thanks to their compact design and first-class construction, to also save energy in the process, thus increasing the profitability of investments. The years of experience we have gathered with the many different bulk materials and diverse plants allow us, time and again, to set new standards and achieve optimizations and improvements.


Energy efficiency therefore plays an important role, not only in terms of environmental protection, but also in improving the use of available resources, often significantly more. Efficient devices and processes are present therefore in all areas of a facility, or in diverse areas, for carrying efficient control, easier processes, creating shorter routes or a better use of existing resources. This potential translates into significant cost savings for the projects of our customers and is often achievable by simple means and changes.