Weighing and Dosing Technology for the Highest Accuracy

When weighing and dosing within bulk materials plant it all comes down to accuracy and speed. Here is where our weighing and dosing systems, manufactured at our location in Germany, come to use.For the production we place the highest importance to first-class manufacturing and materials. Of course, we also adapt the systems to the individual needs of the corresponding installation and take care of the requirements of our clients.


Weighing systems for discontinuous and continuous processes

AML manufactures weighing systems for technological processes, both for discontinuous as well as continuous operation.

Discontinuous (batch) operation

  • Hopper scales: for bulk materials and liquids with a load capacity from 20 to 10,000 kilograms.
  • With discharge aid equipment, shut-off mechanism and aspiration system
  • Calibrated systems possible
  • Liquid scales: in round design with a load capacity from 50 to 5000 kg. 

Continuous operation

  • Weighing screw (screw conveyors with load cells): for all standard sizes, custom solutions and auxiliary equipment
  • Scales for sticking and caking bulk materials
  • Systems for fast emptying of scales