Dust collection technology from AML

Dedusting technology for the bulk goods industry is one of our specialties. In our head office in Germany, we have a production facility where we develop and manufacture our own filters, including the accessories to meet every individual requirement of our clients. Of course we work according to TA Luft 2017.


In the design and production of dedusting facilities we conduct the necessary engineering to adjust the filter to the corresponding application. So we will provide you with the precise filter for the plant configuration: bag filters, filters with compact filter elements or container and large filter units.

We offer our customers standard filters as well as special solutions for:

  • Potentially explosive bulk materials (coal, sulphur, etc.)
  • Sticking and caking dusts (e.g. salts, fertilizers)
  • High temperature processes, up to about 240°C

 Additionally, you will also receive from AML the corresponding accessories and equipment such as:

  • Explosion relief systems
  • Dust collection bunker and associated heating unit
  • Discharge systems
  • Pipelines and conveying systems
  • Sensors and control unit

AML manufactures filters and filtration systems for removing dust from the following bulk materials handling systems:

  • Silos and bunkers
  • Crushers, grinders and screening machines
  • Mixer
  • Conveying system
  • Packing machines and loading devices
  • Special designs

Upon request, we will gladly send you a comprehensive list of references. Make sure to take a look at our complete range of services. Here you will find an overview of our clients.