Expansion of Existing Plants

There may be various reasons and causes for the expansion of existing plants, both for replacing components as well as for adding additional processes. Change in production volumes, storage capacity or resources often lead to adjustments and require a competent and experienced hand by the implementation, in order not to jeopardize the operability of the system.

For the expansion of existing plants we offer our clients the following services:

  • Dimension of processes and material flows
  • Creation of plant overviews
  • Determination of the transport and accessibility routes
  • Adaptation of the expansion to the existing plant
  • Calculation of resources requirements
  • Calculation of the performance parameters of machinery and plant components
  • Machinery layout and installation
  • Static calculations
  • Construction of the machinery and plant components
  • Delivery of parts and components
  • Installation and assembly
  • Adaptation of control and measurement technology

The expansion of an existing plant always has an effect on the existing internal processes. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with an in-depth process and needs analysis. With it, the interfaces are evaluated in order to develop an optimal solution for your needs. Contact us to receive expert advice.