High-Quality Conveying Technique from AML

In an industrial plant it is, at some point, always about the transport of a product or raw material, as quickly and efficiently as possible, from one processing area to the next. And here is where the conveyor system comes to use, which is oriented towards exactly these things: What is to be transported where? In what quantity and at what speed? What are the properties of the transported goods? Considering all of these parameters, the conveyor system must be accurately aligned to the plant to optimally perform its tasks.


Specialists in bulk materials

For many years AML Anlagentechnik has specialized itself in industrial bulk materials of all kinds. At our facility in Germany, we produce high quality products in the field of material handling that are manufactured not only to be used in our projects in Germany but also to be delivered worldwide. These include tubular screw conveyors and trough screw conveyors for conveying bulk materials:

  • For fine dosing: fine dosing screws capable of accurately delivering 20 to 30 grams
  • For extremely abrasive fluids (sand, corundum): screw conveyors in wear resistant version
  • For potentially explosive and hazardous media (coal dust, ammonium nitrate): explosion-protected screw conveyors in accordance with ATEX Guidelines
  • For aggressive, corrosive fluids (wet sand, iron (II) sulphate): screw conveyors in galvanized or stainless steel version
  • For poorly flowing media (powders and fibrous additives): screw conveyors with fluidization system at the inlet