High Efficiency Can be Planned

In many plants that work smoothly for years components will be replaced, complemented and further developed. In addition, the plant components for the dry mortar industry, building materials, chemical industry and food industry develop fast, and the offer of better and more efficient materials and performance is always increasing. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check for optimisation potential of existing installations and, when appropriate, to complement the plant in order to achieve the best economical outcome. Moreover, legislators are always setting new demands on efficiency or environmental protection. Hence, it is important to inspect and adapt existing plants to current policies and legislations.


Process analysis for identification of optimisation potential

We conduct process analysis for our clients to determine the optimisation potential of an installation. This analysis is suitable for existing or planned facilities. It reveals the potential for optimisation in processes and components, and is carried out, among other things, if the conditions of a site have changed or adjustments are required.

Guidelines for increasing efficiency

A process analysis contains specific operation instructions and recommendations. In addition, the detected potential for optimisation and the cost-benefit assessment is presented. Further part of the process analysis ist the creation and supplying of manuals for equipment and plants, that allow new employees and engineers to understand the procedures and processes quickly and reliably.