Precise Plant Engineering

Based on a concrete needs assessment, and on the requirements of our clients we carry out the planning of the complete plant. Our experienced team of engineers, technicians and programmers, assure the best possible realisation of your projects.

We undertake the preparation of the project, including technical drawings, scheduling, process planning, corresponding technical specifications and documentation, as well as the organisation and supervision of the transport and on-site assembly. Thanks to our international team and our many years of experiences we understand the conditions and requirements in different regions and markets. Hence, we can reliably  assure that the necessary organisational details and planning tasks will merge seamlessly and run smoothly from logistics until importation of goods. Our services include:

  • Dimension of processes and material flows
  • Creation of plant overviews
  • Determination of the transport and accessibility routes
  • Adaptation of the plant considering the site
  • Estimation of resources requirements
  • Calculation of the performance parameters of machinery and plant components
  • Machinery layout and installation diagrams
  • Static calculations
  • Construction of machinery and plant components
  • Electrical project planning
  • Project planning of the plant control system

Construction, manufacturing and installation, all from one source

Our engineering team follows the specifications given by our customers to the letter during the planning of the plant. Nevertheless, it provides accurate and expert advice when there is potential for optimisation, and carefully arranges every single step with all the relevant parties. This includes the construction, manufacturing and installation of individual components, the planning and engineering of the plant and the implementation of the control system for the later production process.