Engineering Services at the Highest Levels

We carry out needs assessment for various situations. After all, they are often an essential prerequisite to accurately estimate the expected expenses and profits of the implementation of a project.

Before investing in renewing, expanding or reconstructing a plant, or investing in a new construction, basic information must be collected and local conditions measured. Afterwards, an estimate is calculated which can be used as a basis for decision-making. Is it worth to expand the plant or better to renew it? What are the alternatives? How suited is a location for a new construction taking into consideration the accessibility, available resources, etc.?

We have extensive experience in the areas of dust removal, dry mixing technology, conveying technology, weighing and dosing.

Basis for making investment decisions

When modifying or expanding a plant it is also important to consider many aspects such as: which bulk material should be transported? Are there flow characteristics or wear properties to be considered? These considerations add pros and cons that can significantly influence the investment to be made. Therefore, our job is to lay a solid foundation for the decision-making process and the consequent planning needed in order to provide our clients with the best possible result.