Long-Lasting Know-How

We provide a variety of component and parts for the areas of dust removal, weighing technology, conveying technology, dosing and dry mixing technology, both for complete plants as well as for expansions and reconstruction of existing plants. Upon request, we deliver detailed manufacturing documentation for every manufactured product. This documentation serves as a record for the client, as it contains and depicts all the features and procedures of the product. With this information the client has always the acquired know-how to hand and the documentation available for future expansions, reconstructions or dismantling.  

Comprehensive manufacturing documentation for components and plants


The manufacturing documentation includes: production drawings of every product and component part, documentation of the planning and procedures from installation to supply, welding documentation along with the specifications summary of the final product. Furthermore, the required interfaces are described, and the product characteristics (such as the construction height of the machinery), as well as the on-site plant conditions are indicated. The documentation is made available to the costumer in several languages when required.

This way, the client is able to assign, at any time, the implementation and production of a component to the local producer of their choice and hence respond with flexibility to different situations.